Environmentalism may be depicted in mainstream media primarily as a battle for the Earth and to save ourselves from extinction. But that’s less than half of the story. Environmentalism, in effect, transverses beyond the physical plane. Environmentalism is a way of Life. One that questions and redefines where we stand in this world, and what is our relationship with the rest of God’s creations. How To Save A Life Despite what we love to think, we often neglect to truly understand a person. To know…Continue Reading “How Environmentalism Will Take Us Home”

Divestment Movement

It’s only the first month of 2018 and we have amazing news for our Earth! New York City has recently sue the Oil Giants – ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Conoco Phillips on the premise none other than destroying Earth itself. They don’t stop there. The city will also “divest the city’s $189 billion pension fund of an estimated $5 billion invested in fossil fuel companies.” This is seen as a direct answer call to the ongoing global Divestment Movement. Divest What Now? “Divestment…Continue Reading “Divestment Movement: Cutting Ties with the Devils”

Langur Project Penang

(ISN’T HE THE CUTEST THINGGG??? OH MY GAWDDDD!!!!!)   Oh, right. (Clear throat) Ahem..   Our Dirty Hands Now, if I were to ask you to picture a group of Millennials, and describe it to me, you would probably say you see a group of tech-savvy young adults in Gap and Nike. Their eyes fixated on their latest iPhones, and they were probably discussing about the new ‘cool’ cafe to hang out. Indeed, when it comes to defining the generation born between the early 1980s…Continue Reading “Langur Project Penang: Our Dirty Hands”

Traffic Congestion Birth Year: 1982 The heavy traffic congestion in Malaysia does not happen by accident. It is not an inevitable product of aggressive economic growth in the 1980s and 1990s. It definitely isn’t a sign of a “developed country” either. So what it really is? In short, it is a product of a series of CONSCIOUS BAD decisions. (“Conscious bad”, wow I just invented that phrase.) Year 1982 marked the launch of The National Car Project by the Malaysian government. Essentially, the project encouraged…Continue Reading “Our Chosen Reality: Traffic Congestion in Malaysia”

When Reality Slapped Us in The Face, More than Once In November 2017, the heavy downpour visited in September and its devastating effects were still fresh in Penangites’ memory. However, the natural disaster made a return. This time with full blown brutality. The authority had to mobilize over 100 solders to assist near 2,000 affected in this “unprecedented flooding”. Those of us who experienced it firsthand are left devastated. How do we cope with this emotional toll? To begin with, we allow ourselves a couple…Continue Reading “Flooding in Penang: When We Pretend To Be Surprised”

Paris Agreement

When that brat in your neighbourhood won’t behave On May 31st, 2017, United States President Donald Trump pulled the nation out from the Paris Agreement. He announced the country will stay out of the climate accord. This disturbing turn of event quickly made headlines of mainstream medias across the globe. I remember being caught off guard and left in dismay by the news myself. (Did you feel the same way as I did? Let me know in comments below!) At this point, you might ask…Continue Reading “What Is The Paris Agreement?”